world top and best celebrity gossip websites

We are fond of gossip irrespective of class  or society. Here we review world top and best gossip websites in the world. We rank them based on the below order.



TMZ is the no.! gossip website in the world, which has millions of folowers around the world. TMZ is a celebrity news website that started in 2005, TMZ stands for Thirty Mile Zone, the historic studio zone with in a 30 mile radius centered at the intersection of  west Beverly Boulevard and North La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. TMZ has 3 Million visitors per month.

2. Yahoo! omg! | yahoo! Celebrity

Yahoo! omg started in 2007 by YAhoo! News’s entertainment division. Originally a news aggregator of celebrity news and pictures. Yahoo! omg is one of the leading gossip website in the world. Yahoo omg has 4 Million Unique visitors every month


Wonerwall is the premier app for the celebrity gossip, news , images and interviews, etc. You can access wonderwall as Wonderwall is also one of the leading gossip website with 3 million unique visitors every month. Its Alexa Rank is 200. Wonerwall has 54.7 K followers in Twitter and 144 K face book followers.

4. E Online

E ! is short form of Entertainment Television NBCU Universal. E Online has 2.3 Million visitors every month and reach almost 85 % of the houses in United states of America. It has Alexa Rank of 599. E !  has 6.2 Million followers in Twitter and 3.5 Million face book likes.

5. People

It is one of the popular gossip site about all celebrity and people, it has 2 Million unique visitors every month and ranked 740 by Alexa. It has 5.3 Million Twitter followers and 2.5 Million facebook followers. It has partnered with


Zimbio is one of the famous celebrity news and gossip website in the world, spread across many countries in the world. It ranked 507 in Alexa, has 2 Million visitors every month. It has 926K likes in face book. Zimbio is one of the fastest growing gossip website in the world.


UsMagazine has 2 Million unique visitors every month and ranked 826 by alexa. USMagazine has 1.2 Million twitter followers and 1.4 Million facebook likes.

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