What is responsive website templates or themes and benifits


What is Responsive website theme?

A Responsive theme is simply means a website that has been developed and the contents, images and structure of the website remains the same in all the devices(such as desktop, smartphones, tablets etc.,).For example, if the user visits the site in desktop, the full view of the site is displayed. If the same user accessing the site in their smartphone or tablets, the site will adaptive on the small screen.

Benefits of Responsive website theme

  • More Flexible 
    • Responsive design is flexible enough to adapt to future device.With responsive design, when new devices are continually introducing, then you site will be future-proof as it can be.
  • Better user interface
    • Responsive design gives users a better experience. Because while visiting the site in any device, the user need not scroll, zooming in or out, shrinking the contents and images. Instead all the contents are automatically to the screen size of the device. It makes more easier and comfortable for users. So using responsive theme the users can access any site from their favourite device.
  • Updating the website is easier
    • Updating the website is much easier for the website administrator, if their is designed using responsive theme. For example, the client who update their website is sometimes confused by the fact that they have to update two different sites. Since the responsive website is a one site with different layouts, its easy to updating the site.
  • Cost effective 
    • Instead of having two separate website, have a single site that conforms to the needs of all the device. Mobile device traffic don’t offered the advance navigational technique found in the traditional website, they also require the user to maintain the two website addresses for your site. So, it is inconvenient for the users. Responsive web design enhances SEO efforts by having all your visitors directed to a single site, they can access the site through their favourite device.
  • Recommended by Google and Bing
    • Google is a bid deal, 67 percent search marketers listen, making it the most search engine in the world. If Google claims, it prefers to responsive design as the recommended mobile configuration, it better takes as hint.
    • Responsive sites have one URL and same HTML, based on the device it makes easier and more efficient for Google to crawl, index and organize the content. But with the separate mobile site, there is different URL and different HTML than its desktop counterpart, it requiring Google to crawl and index multiple version of the same site.
    • why Google prefers responsive website? Because, content that lives on one website and one URL is much easier for users to share, interact with and link to the content that lives on mobile site
  • Easy to manage
    • For each and every site we need a separate SEO campaigns.  Having a separate desktop and mobile site we need two SEO campaigns. So, managing one site and one SEO is much easier than that.This is the key advantage in responsive website has over a mobile site. Also having mobile specific SEO strategy is important, because while searching something in smartphones, optimizing the keyword to be searched is more important.More importantly because you only have one site, responsive design is more cost effective as well.

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