How to upload bulk files in mysql

Steps to upload a bulk file in MYSQL

Step 1: First have to start a server.It may be XAMPP/WAMP

Step 2: Access the Phpmyadmin page.  Examle : localhost/phpmyadmin/ in your browser

Step 3: Create a database and select the table, in which you would like to upload a file

Step 4: After completing the above step, in phpmyadmin page, click Import option


Step 5: Now, you can see, importing into the current server on the screen.













Step 6: File to import, browse the file which you need to upload from the system and also select the character set of the file also. (But default it will be utf-8).

Step 7: Partial Import is needed, only if you have a file which contains 100 rows but you need to upload last 25 rows only means, then you have to give the number of rows to skip, starting from the first row.(e.g., specify 75, so that starting from 1 to 75 rows it omits and last 25 rows will be uploaded).

Step 8: Choose the format of the file, which format you are trying to upload. Available formats are CSV, Open document spreadsheet, SQL, XML.

Step 9: Based on your needs, you can also specify the format-specific options.


Step 10: Finally, Click Go button to proceed.


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