How to get approved for Google Adsense easily

Many of the Webmasters are struggling to get approval from google for the Adsense Program, but it has been very simple and easy story for many experienced professional in the industry. If you read the Google webmaster guidelines and policy, its very elaborate and expect you to have all the procedures in the world.


So i gathered Google core expectation and pointed here for beginners and people who struggle little bit. There are two stages for Adsense approval . First step is applying for Adsense program, while doing so , please ensure the following points

1. Attractive Website Theme

You should select the Website template, which is more user friendly and easy to navigate, avoid excessive imaging and video templates. The user should feel comfortable while browsing your site. I prefer to buy professional templates instead of creating on my own or using the low level free templates.

2. Privacy Policy

Each site Requesting for Adsense approval must have mus have Privacy policy  that discloses that, third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your users’ browsers, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving on your website.

Google uses the double click on publisher websites displaying AdSense for content ads. Subject to any applicable laws, rules and regulations, you will have the sole and exclusive right to use all data derived from your use of the DoubleClick cookie for any purpose related to your business, provided that Google may use and disclose this data subject to the terms of Google.

3.About Page

You Should describe the purpose of your website clearly and attach it in the menu bar. User should find easy to navigate the about page and easy to understand.

4.Quality of Content ( No to Copied  or Automated scrap content )

There shouldn’t be any copied content or automated pages allowed for Google Adsense Program. If you have excessive pages with less or no content, you may be dis qualified. Also there shouldn’t be any automated pages with random codes or automated scrapped content.  Now all the sites are getting reviewed manually and approved.

5.Gambling / Excessive Image /  Adult content

Avoid Gambling, Excessive Image , adult content in your site. It leads to termination of the Adsense program

6. Avoid redirect / excessive links

You will be disqualified, If your websites redirect users to unwanted websites, initiate downloads, include malware or contain pop-ups or pop-unders that interfere with site navigation. Also avoid excessive links in a website.

7. User Experience

Please provide nice clear page layout without confusing the visitors

8.clear your existing Ads, remove popups, revisit excessive affiliate links

Clear all your existing Ads from the Website before applying to Adsense program. Placement of Ads and excessive ads will affect your site approval. Also remove if you have any PopUnder or Popups in your website. Clear all your affiliate links while applying for the Adsense program.

Once your Site is approved for First stage, you have to generate the code and place it on your site for few days.

9.Ad placement

Don’t place excessive Ads in a single page, limit your placement of Ads only for one per page till you get finally approved.Place the ad, where you have good quality content, which attract the users.

Now your Adsense should be approved. Still if your site has not been approved, please read the Google Adsense policy.



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