How to build micro Niche blog site and earn

What is Micro Niche Blog ?

Niche blogging

Blogging on a specific topic or keywords  is known as Micro Niche blogging. It is a perfect way to add some extra money to you monthly income. This websites don’t make lot of traffic but they tend to make more money in less traffic.

Handling this websites are very easy, because it needs only few contents and this state ranking well on search engines. If you do proper On page and Off page SEO for your blog, then it will rank high on search engine. So you can sell this king of blog for a good rate.

How to build a Micro Niche Blog and earn?

1. Selection of Niche and domain

Selection of niche and domain name is more important for getting success with Micro Niche blogs, which totally depends on your Niche and keywords. choose a niche topic, which your more comfortable on it or hire a content writer as well.

If you would like to do SEO, there are many options such as SEO services, SEO tools, ON page, OFF page strategy. Our goal is to earn money so we need to do keyword researches.You can do this keyword research via Google keyword planner tool, it will give an enough idea of Monthly searches, More keyword ideas and competitions.

After choosing niche, now you need to have a good domain name for it. Your domain name is the primary keyword for your website.

2. Setting up your Micro Niche blog

Set up your blog with good and attractive theme. Create your own theme for your Niche blog using wordpress. Things you will need to set up a wordpress niche blog are

  • Reliable Hosting
    • To host a money making blog, you have to buy a reliable hosting.
  • Theme
    • You can buy a theme from ThemeForest, StudioPress, Thesis, they provide high quality themes with great suppot.
  • Plugins
    • You can use wordpress plugins. Some necessary plugins are needed, for SEO, security, commenting etc.

3. Writing content

Writing content is very important in order to regular update your niche website and to gain traffic to other websites. Now its time to write a content on your niche website. Start writing your contents based on the following steps.

  • Search for long tail keyword related to your primary keyword.
  • Write atleast 15-20 secondary articles on next 3-4 weeks.
  • Minimum word limits of these articles should be 400-450 words. More than that is much better.
  • Interlinks the articles. Take advantages of plugins like SEO smart link, Insights etc.
  • Article should be cent percent original and in best quality.

4. Search Engine Optimization SEO

proper optimization for your blog on search engine, decides the success of your blog based on the better ranking on search engine. For better ranking, you need to include two things on SEO.

  1. ON page SEO includes
  • Writing Quality Articles
  • Usage of Keywords in Heading and Sub Headings
  • Keyword Density per posts
  • Image ALT tags

2. OFF page SEO includes

  • Link Building

5. Monetization

There are various way to monetize your niche blog for making money.You can choose one which can give you maximum revenue. Most of the niche bloggers, often used to monetize their website by using the below

  • Google Adsense
  • Clickbank products
  • Amazon Affiliate (Product, eBook)

If your trying to use Google Adsense, getting adsense approval is not easy. There are some more which you want to monetize your websites are Infolinks,, Direct Advertisements, Sponsored Reviews and Affiliate Marketing.

Note: Google ranking is more important to earn money. Google rolled out the low quality content. To get high ranking concentrate more on the content and SEO of your niche website.


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