How to block or remove Ads from kindle

Many of us noticed that, some of the kindle display the sponsored advertisement on the home screen, when it was idle for few minutes. This happens only because we have purchased the kindle with some discount price or special offers.  If these ads are not bothering you, you may not be required to read the article any more, but if you would like to remove the same, here are the tips…


Option 1

Amazon offers removal of Kindle Ads at the cost of $20- one time fee

Now Amazon offers removal or disable of ads from the kindle for 20 Dollars, if its purchased through discount or offers. To remove the Ads immediately from your kindle, please follow the below steps

  • Open
  • Click on the Dashboard
  • Click on the Manage your Devices
  • Select your Registered Kindle device
  • Then Click Edit option
  • Remove

Now Ads are removed from Sponsored kindle, that’s it ! If you still seeing the Ads in the home page, please restart once.

Option 2

How can I remove the sponsored ads from Kindle for Free?

Please open online chat with Amazon representative and request them to remove of the sponsored Ads from your kindle. Mostly you have bright chances of Ads getting disabled, if you are outside resident of US and Canada. Surely, Amazon representative help you to remove the ads instantaneously in most of the cases.

Once sponsored Ads are removed from your Kindle, you will be notified with an alert for token of acknowledgement. Then you can feel happy that you have removed the sponsored Ads at zero cost. Then Wait for 15 to 30 Minutes and restart your kindle to see the Ads free Kindle.

But personally the Kindle Ads not bothering me much, how about you ?


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