Does Infolinks affects or reduce google adsense ctr and earnings

There is a question mulling around thousands of web masters mind about the Infolinks code along with Google Adsense, generally they are…

Can i use Google Adsense along with Infolinks code ?

Does Infolinks code affect my Adsense earnings ?

Will Infolinks Codes impact the CTR and drop your Adsense income ?

What combination of Infolinks codes can be used along with google adsense ?


Well,  before writing on this topic, i have tested my infolinks codes on several websites on different niches and countries with Google adsense codes. While testing the infolinks codes i could understand the impact of infolinks codes in each website either positively or negatively with respect to earnings and bounce rate. We will discuss all my experiences  and evidences of the same. To understand better, i have listed my observations.

1. Can i use Infolinks codes along with Google Adsense  ?

Yes. You can add Infolinks code along with Google Adsense,  but please ensure that, You are activating minimal infolinks products. ( Example If you have 3 adsense on your site, its advisable to run only one in-text ad additionally, You should not use all infolinks products with moderate or less contens)

2. Does Infolinks code affects my earnings ?

Yes, to some extent. But it also depends on your country and niche of the site. To give you an example, One of my US site impacted 20 % less earnings in Adsense after implementing the infolinks code, but the loss was well compensated with infolinks earnings, hence net impact is zero. But if you compare with Asian traffic Adsense earnings were not affected and Infolinks gives notable earnings, Hence it is very positive to use infoinks code in Asian traffic.

3. How many Infolinks products ( Ad types ) can be used  along with Google Adsense ?

If you are using three Google Ads, its advisable to use one product ( Ad types ) of infolinks , If you are using Two Google Ads, You can use 2 infolinks Ad types. Please ensure that, you are not violating the google adsense policy and annoy customers.

4. Does Infolinks codes annoying customers or visitors ?

Yes. Based on several forums and discussions, i can understand that Infolinks codes are annoying few of the visitors. But its essential for the webmasters to pocket some earnings, hence keep it in moderate way. I have received several comments from users to remove the infolinks code from my site.

5. Will Infolinks Codes impact the CTR and drop your Adsense income ?

Yes. Infolinks Codes are impacting your CTR rate based on the number of Ad types we use in Infolinks. Example Activating in-text advertisement will impact 5 -8 % of your CTR. Multiple Ad products further reduce the CTR rate.

6. What combination of Infolinks codes can be used along with google adsense ?

If you have sufficient and rich content, you can use three Google Ads and one In-text Infolinks code. If your page doesn’t have sufficient content you may use one or two Google Ads and two of infolinks Adtypes.

7.  What may be the average CPM for infolinks codes, while using along with Adsense code ?

Generally the Infolinks earnings vary from country to country, To give you an example average ecpm rate in US is around 8$ , but in Asia its around 2-3$ , its totally depends on the availability of advertisers.

8. Does Google Ban Adsense Account, if we use Infolinks codes ?

No. Google Doesn’t ban your Adsense accounts because of Infolinks codes being used.


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