Compare edomz vs popads – review on pay and earning

Most of the new publishers get confused while selecting the Ad network for the first time, but later they start experimenting and choose their appropriate Ad network strategy. It takes months or even years for many of the publishers to get the correct rhythm  for their website. Most Importantly the earnings may vary based on several criteria like organic traffic,   geo location, niche content, Quality of visitors , etc..

Now we are going to review two important Masters in the Pop Under Industry , Edomz Vs


Earning Potential

Edomz pays extremely well for many countries in the world, those who have organic traffic, Niche content, and  quality of visitors. Even It performs very well for the very ordinary websites, to give you an example few of my friends are getting 4.5 $ / 1K visitors for asian traffic.

PopAds also offers very good rate inline with Edomz, moreover recently has improved its prices and publishers are very happy about that. But For Asian traffic edomz has the slight edge because they have strong advertiser backup in the location. So you should start experimenting based on your nature of the website.

We should also note that , PopsAds are increasing its market share and gives tough competition to edomz. PopAds may ready to beat edomz any time.

Unique Rate

Edomz doesn’t filter all your traffic , hence it has better unique rate, but popads filter more of your traffic, which can considerably reduce your hit count. Because PopAds are not be counting all your traffic, you loose 15 % of the traffic directly compared to Edomz. This is a remarkable disadvantage of PopAds

Payment Terms

Edomz Pays in Net 15 Days , where as PopAds pays Daily ( proven by millions of people). We should congratulate the payment method of, this was remarkable and very admirable.

Admin Support

Both Edomz Vs PopAds are  very supportive in nature and help you to get out of any issues. Most of your Queries will be resolved with in 24 hours.

Reporting and Stats

PopAds are the clear winner in the reporting system and edomz needs lot of improvement in the website. Edomz should work on the reporting structure to handle the needs of advertisers and publishers.

Quality of PopAds

In Popads, You have option to filter various types of popups like adult, gambling,etc.,  but there is no such option provided in Edomz. You can also edit the no.of Pop under / session or per visitor in But we should also admire that, the quality of Ads are very good in Edomz, hence these option may not be required for publishers.

Overall, Edomz earnings are 10-15 % higher compared to mainly because of the Unique traffic filter they have put in place. Personally to me, Edomz gives me great satisfaction in terms and higher revenue and excellent support.

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