Compare earnings between Infolinks Vs Kontera

Which is best… Infolinks or Kontera ?infolinks vs kontera

Many webmasters are trying hard to monetise their blog or website by engaging in various advertisement strategies.  While trying for new Ad program, most of the publishers are curious and jump often to get more earning, but actually they fail to consider following important points.

Is your Website new or old?

Is it High traffic or low traffic site?

Niche and Quality of content?

Target geo locations of audience?

Depending on the above factors, experienced webmasters are always prefer  go with affiliate income, Adsense, Cj, Direct selling Ad space, buysell ads, etc. successful publishers don’t engage themselves with infolinks or kontera,  because they believe in-text advertising may reduce their earning potential of website.

But it doesn’t look easy for new webmasters to get it approved from adsense and other program without much of traffic.  Also it’s very easy to get it approved from infolinks and kontera, moreover these in-text advertisement services helps new publishers / webmasters to monetize substantially.

Who earns more with Kontera ?

Kontera is an experienced ad Network in the market with large number of publishers and advertisers.  But, Kontera is geo-oriented Ad service and it performs well only in few locations. Kontera offer better rates at specific location like US, but unsuccessful  in many other countries. Based on our experience Kontera pays very well for US and Europe traffic. But it doesn’t look impressive in other countries (like Russia, Asian traffic, Australia)

We must also acknowledge that infolinks Ads are not so attractive like kontera, the quality of Ads are far better in Kontera., which may attract the users.

Earning – Who pays better Infolinks or kontera ?

To analyse the earning potential between these in-text advertisers, we have chosen four of our websites with different niche and tried them over a year. After using Infolinks and kontera, it’s very clear that infolinks are always ahead of kontera .

On the whole, Infolinks In-text Advertisements  generates 40-45 % higher revenue compared to kontera. In few geo locations kontera performs well and closer to infolinks by revenue, but infolinks offer better rate throughout the world. As you can see the below chart, Infolinks pays better rate even for asian traffic with poor quality content, whereas kontera pays 70-80 % lesser for the same site.


Our Recommendation on Kontera Vs Infolinks

Recently, infolinks serves with four types of Ad placement like In-text, In-serach, In-Tag and In-frame, by activating each type of advertisement your earnings may get improved.  We could notice that, kontera rates are fluctuating a lot and doesn’t get stable, but infolink Ada are  steady and doesn’t fluctuate much.  As like most of the publishers,  we are also very happy to progress with Infolinks but at the same time, you must test your site by putting into both of these In-text advertisement giants.


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