BlueHost and HostGator servers down and Crash EIG Outage Update

Bluehost & Hostgator servers got crashed and thousands of websites were down due to major outage at EIG outage update. Even Hostgator and Bluehost official websites were down during that time, hence thousands of customers are commented their issues in official twitter and suffered lot without proper support.



The Bluehost & Hostgator servers are completely down more than three hours and still the issues are not completely recovered. Their support and chat system is completely jammed  and their technical team is struggling to handle the thousand of customers. Unfortunately, this has come to Hostgator and bluehost customers as new year gift in 2014. Thousands of websites lost their visitors during new year and  money as well !

There are hundreds of angry customers tweeted on twitter as below

@NCCyberAdvocate why is your phone number out of order? are you guys closing

@NCCyberAdvocate This sure seems to be happening a lot since I switched to Bluehost. Will we be compensated for this?

@_CodyRich I have been with BH for not even 5 months, and this is the third time its happened. I am still waiting to be comped. ;

@colladodave Just incase you’re not aware our system is back. Please let us know if you are still having trouble.

And few response from the hosting services on twitter as below

@StephanieGimlin Stephanie, we express our deepest apologies for the down time you experienced today. We’d love to help you out.

@IDaughterofMaat Great question. We experienced a network event in our datacenter, which resulted in downtime. Not frequent though

@HackfitHQ We wanted to make sure you guys are doing ok. Things should be back to normal. Let us know if you’re still having issues.

It was also good that they were not hosting,  otherwise it would have been very dark for customers to get the communication.  After four hours of massive shutdown, it started to recover for most of the sites but yet to recover completely for remaining sites in the world. Thousands of customers are incurred some money, emails, and visitors due to this incident.

Undoubtedly this is major blow to Hostgator and bluehost, If they are not learning g from their mistakes and recovering themselves they have to sign off from the industry !


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