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Best Ad netwrok for publishers in 2014

Here, based on the performance we predict the top Ad network companies in the world.

Lets see, who is going to rule the Advertising network in 2014

advertiser publishers

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the biggest and one of the trusted Ad network in the world. Google Adsense allows publishers to monetize display Ads, mobile, video and search results. Adsense offers free sign up for the publishers and program has decent expectation and quality criteria to accept any application. The Adsense program protects the rights of Advertiser and publisher, which makes the most trusted and largest Ad network in the world. Adsense pays monthly for all valid clicks and impressions.


Infolinks is the fastest growing Ad network in the world. Infolinks are known for In-text Advertising, but offers four type of Ad types, namely Intext, Intag, Insearch, Inframe. Users has the advantage of choosing the relevant Ad type for their web page.

InText ads scan the content in real-time and double underlining your most famous/ valuable keywords. This creates an intelligent, interactive atmosphere where users connect with relevant brand messages. Infolinks balances relevancy and payouts to keep your content clean and your earnings flowing. Maintain complete control over the look and feel of the site by fully customizing the appearance and volume of InText ads on the web pages.

3. Adblade

Adblade is a strong global Digital Media Optimization Platform that makes over 4 million decisions per hour in the world.  Adblade offers the most efficient Media Optimization Services available today for both publishers and advertisers. The Platform allows premium publishers to generate significant and sustained industry leading revenue and allows advertisers access to premium, brand safe inventory producing above average ROI.

Adblade prides itself as being one of the most brand safe media platforms in the US, with a top score of 188 from independent measurement firm AdSafe Media – the leader in online content rating.


Their top advertiser roster includes 92 of Ad Age’s Top 100 and they work with 74 of comScore’s Top 100 ad supported sites. monetize nearly 2 billion impressions per day with publishers span 30+ content verticals.   If you’re looking for a specific set of advertisers, they offer ad blocks by advertiser, industry, media, and category to ensure the best fit for your site. They believe, Ads should fit with your site, have relevance to your reader, and pay you appropriately. care about your site, which is why we won’t cheapen its appearance or reputation with poor quality ads.

5. is well known for US and partly European Traffic, that caters over four billion strategically targeted ads each month to a network of over 250,500+ sites, making it the second largest Ad network of its kind. Chitika ads are known across the industry for their ability to perform unlike any other, leveraging its proprietary targeting and optimization technology.  But revenue model is not so good for asian traffic by using chitika.

6. is one of the most popular and controversial advertisement networks available for free on the digital world. Clicksor Allows you few unique ad types and features that you can use on your web sites or blogs completely for free, and earn money for every click you create through this service. Allowing you to earn through inline text ads, contextual ads (banner and text) and more.


Media.Net enables web publishers to easily and effectively earn advertising revenue. Publishers can use self-serve platform to create and customize ad units that display relevant text ads consisting of sponsored links and ad topics from the Yahoo! Bing Network. Here, No matter how broad or niche your website is – they have advertisers appropriate for your web content and niche. Multiple relevant advertisers participate in real-time auctions to deliver only the highest paying ads on your pages, So more the competitors, more the revenue you get.

8. Kontera

It is an Intext Advertising program, Kontera is an experienced ad Network in the market with large number of publishers and advertisers.  But, Kontera is geo-oriented Ad service and it performs well only in few locations. Kontera offer better rates at specific location like US, but unsuccessful  in many other countries. Based on our experience Kontera pays very well for US and Europe traffic. But it doesn’t look impressive in other countries (like Russia, Asian traffic, Australia)

9. Pulsepoint

Pulse Point is a reputed ad network in the industry. They are legitimate and paying. Minimum payout is on the higher side, but is achievable for most bloggers with around 500 daily visitors. Low fill-rate is a down-side, but they cover it up by supporting a publisher’s back-up ad tag from another network. We will see how they progress in 2014.

10. Tribal fusion

Tribal Fusion is the largest CPM Ad network running since 1998, serving about 19 billion impressions per month with quality of Ads. This is a distinct network, and it is also one of the most difficult to get approved for. Minimum site requirement  for approval is 500,000 visitors per month. Tribal Fusion has a wide range of types of ads such as Flash ads, interstitial ads, and video ads and interstitial ads. They do not have a fixed CPM rate, but instead of providing a model transparent revenue share. Currently pay 55 % of their revenue to the publishers. All campaigns running on the CPM model so that it is always pay you for appearance only.

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