Alternatives to Google Gmail / Best email services other than Gmail


  Best email services other than Gmail

This article is not intended to downgrade Google Gmail, but to know the other interesting e-mail services exist in the world. When we addicted to our routine life and engaged in the same life cycle, we rarely think about alternatives and reluctant to know the new stuff happening around us. it’s obvious that, most of us use Gmail and its works great for us, at the same time we should try to see other best email services in the world, just to know the features and pick if it’s working for us!

Here, we see the list of other best email services, which are Alternatives to world best Google Gmail. Moreover this list in not exhaustive, I have just picked the major ones…

Outlook is originated from MSN Hotmail, owned by Microsoft Corporation. Outlook is a free web-based email service, attracted 400 million users in the world .  It facilitates with 36 different languages throughout the world. This is extremely user friendly and well designed mail services.  It also features unlimited storage, Ajax, and integration with Calendar,Ajax,  SkyDrive, People and Skype. I have come across many satisfied users with this mail.

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail  is a well established brand, Yahoo mail is free email service offered by Yahoo. Yahoo mail is the world third biggest email service provider in the world , having 300 Million users throughout the world. Yahoo mail can be integrated with face book and provides the unlimited storage for email services. It provides an option to download contacts from facebook, Outlook, Gmail and other social places.

Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail is originated from Russia and most of the users exist in the same place. Yandex search engine is popular in Russia possessing 60 % of Share. Yandex provides free email service with 10 GB free Disk file storage. It supports in 9 languages including English and makes the features very user-friendly. But its not competitive in other areas like spam filters, etc…


Hushmail offers “free” and “paid” versions of email service, A free email account has a storage limit of 25MB, but does not include IMAP or Post Office Protocol (POP3) desktop service. Hushmail offers two types of paid accounts. The basic paid account provides 1 GB of storage, without desktop service. Premium paid accounts provide 10GB of storage, as well as IMAP and POP3 service. It doesn’t have any advertisement has superior look.


Zoho mail is an interesting email service with better security, reliable and user-friendly. This email service doesn’t attract any advertisement. This works very well in desktop and mobiles (via POP and IMAP). You can get up to 20 free Mail boxes to your own web site . If you have multiple domain you can upgrade to paid version, which doesn’t cost much

Mail.Com provides free email service, there are no hidden costs and checks. Of course, they also offer free customer support.

If you have multiple email account from several websites, If you  don’t want to check each one individually, you can import all your third party correspondence into The Mail Collector Wizard will help you to bring your email from other providers, even we can import Facebook into inbox.

There are seven anti-spam tools to auto-protect from junk mails. We can optimize this protection by setting up individual blacklists. All incoming and outgoing emails (including their attachment) are scanned for viruses using the antivirus engine. But Spam filters are not up to Gmail.


GMX provides unlimited email storage and attachments up to 50 MB. We can Send 30 high-resolution pictures, our favorite MP3 album in just one email and share them with their free file storage exchange.

GMX is  a part of, so we can see the same kind of features both the places. GMX Mail Collector gives the freedom to manage all of our email accounts in one, easy-to-use interface. provides  free 5GB webmail account with safe online data storage, you will also get a personalized homepage and many other cool features such as Free Online Photosharing, Up to 30GB of Online Storage, Calendar, Tasks & Notes, SMTP/POP3 Access, Free Email Notifier, drag & drop to change the layout of homepage.Even though it has several features, personally it doesn’t work out well for me

This is an interesting email service to look into it, here emails are restricted to 500 characters. Messages are always short and to the point. There are no attachments, no junk mail, no folder management. Just communication – with any email user, anywhere. You can get get Shortmail on your iphone, Android, or in your favourite email app. Connect using IMAP, POP3, SMTP, or use their web interface.  It’s fun to try and suitable for mobile.

 iCloud Mail

icloud mail is developed by Apple inc, which is very simple email client with few essential features to keep our mailing experience cool and simple.  icloud doesn’t  come with any extra features that could make your mailing experience beautiful. iCloud served with a colossal storage, IMAP and a dynamic web application.

I feel Apple should put some extra effort to make it more powerful and  to satisfy the apple users with rich experience.


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