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What is class and functions in PHP script or object oriented programming

What is Class in Programming ? A class is a collection of variables and functions working with these variables. Variables are defined by var and functions are defined by function. It is an object oriented programming. Define a class Define a class using a keyword class Syntax class className { } Example class myfirstprogram {…
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essential and important JavaScript functions required in website

These are the following important java script functions used in a website. Please note that you may use jquery for all functions Progressive pop ups for Social networking <script> // create social networking pop-ups (function() { // link selector and pop-up window size var Config = { Link: “a.share”, Width: 500, Height: 500 }; //…
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important MYSQL syntaxes or query in php program

SQL QUERY SQL stands  for Structured Query Language, it is used for accessing and manipulating  databases. Using SQL one can perform more actions in a database.Such as insert, update, select and delete a records from the database. Essential SQL queries 1. To create a database in mysql  Create database is used to create the database. Syntax CREATE DATABASE database_name;…
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What is session in php, how to start and stop session

Session in PHP Session is a way to store the user information(in variables) to be used across multiple pages. For example, When we work with an application, we may open it, do some modification and we close it. This is what a session is.The computer may know who you are, and when you start and end…
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PHP script to find Highest, lowest, count and average numbers in array

To find a highest, lowest, count and average numbers in an array Here, we find the sample php programs to find the find he highest number in an array, similarly lowest number in an array, count of the numbers in an array and average of the numbers in an array. <?php $array=array(‘1′,’2′,’3′,’4’); echo “Given array…
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PHP script to get the user or client IP address

To get the client IP address <?php $strCurrentTime = date(“y-m-d h:i:s”,time()); $strIP = $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]; echo $strIP; ?> output Note: IP address is dynamic so output may differ.

PHP script for sample contact page for website

Contact page for website <?php include(‘’); class ContactUs { var $arrErrors = array(); var $strSuccess = ”; public $strSelect=null; public $objResult=null; var $objConfig = null; var $objDbConn=null; var $intRandSiteLimit = 35; var $arrRandSites = array(); var $strName = ”; var $strPhone = null; var $strEmail = ”; var $strContent = ”; var $strReferrer = null;…
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How to create user login, forgot password and logout page using php script

To create a login page in php Note: Create a table tbl_login with uname and pwd // <?php class Config { public $dbHostname = ‘localhost’; public $dbUsername = ‘root’; public $dbPassword = ‘xxx’; public $dbName = ‘dbname’; } ?> //index.php <?php session_start(); include(“”); class Login { public $strUsername = null; private $strPassword = null; public $arrErrors…
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